Farmhouse Florals.

One of my favorite things about this time of year is being able to walk outside into my garden and put together a beautiful, fresh floral arrangement at a moments notice. Whether I want to drop a bouquet of flowers off to a friend, or simply bring a bundle inside to make it entertaining-ready, I know I can always pull together something special.

Today I'm sharing a little "how-to" on creating a Farmhouse Floral arrangement of your own.

white and green farmhouse florals with hydrangea and herbs / heirloomed


When creating a great arrangement I always start with the base. I love mixing and matching tones and textures when it comes to vases, like pewter, glass, crystal, ceramics, stonewares and enamelware.  In keeping with the farmhouse approach, using a slightly unexpected vessel like a pitcher or an urn makes a great home for your florals.

And, truth-be-told, vases are some of my favorite things to find at thrift and antique stores because they are always something people have multiples of and tend to get rid of, and they are almost always such a great price compared to buying new. Not to mention finding something truly unique.

In choosing the vessel I also consider what greens and florals will be going inside to ensure the structure and size of the arrangement is properly displayed and can withhold the balance.

vintage glass and pewter vases / farmhouse florals / heirloomed
how to create a farmhouse garden / heirloomed
clipping fresh coneflowers / heirloomed


The next step in creating a Farmhouse Arrangement is actually creating the garden to support it. When we built our house over two years ago I knew I wanted to do something special with our yard that didn't feel neighborhood landscaped but instead felt thoughtful and cottage-inspired. 

I like to call the approach a "Farmhouse Garden." We have edible elements, like blueberry bushes, a fig tree and and a huge abundance of herbs (like, everywhere) that I use in the kitchen almost daily.  Because of my love of neutrals, I tried to stick to mostly whites + greens as a palette with a variety of hydrangeas being the hero. We pulled in some traditional elements, like boxwoods, and finally mixed in some sentaimental picks that I remembered from my Mom, Grandma + Great Grandmother's gardens, like camellia, tea olives + roses. 

Crafting just the right garden to pull from at a moments notice also meant I had to have things in my garden that practically grew themselves. Native plants and those that grow like weeds, like the mint or rosemary in our garden, was key to ensuring I didn't kill everything before I got the chance to take clippings. After just two years we have a plentiful enough supply to cut anytime I need to.

I absolutely love using herbs in my floral arrangements. I think it's unexpected, has an amazing aroma in your home and who can resist the beauty of a large bundle of rosemary or lavender anyways?

growing rosemary in your herb garden / heirloomed
white hydrangeas / farmhouse garden / heirloomed
how to make a farmhouse floral and herb arrangement / heirloomed


Once you've gathered your vessels and taken your clippings from the garden it's time to start getting your arrangement together. Now the thing I like most about a farmhouse approach is that it doesn't have to perfect to come together. By definition it means simplicity, from the fields, unstructured and has a utilitarian nature to it. You're pulling together what you have an making it work beautifully together. I pretty much take that approach to life.

I like to start by taking a quick overview of what I've cut and make piles of the flowers and greens based on which will go together in a vase. For each arrangement I begin with the largest, hero pieces of my arrangements and in this case it's always my Limelight Hydrangeas. I cut them longer than needed because you can always take away, and because I kind of like them when they're just slightly "too" long as they droop over the sides of the edges. 

I then layer in the taller elements to give it a little height if needed, and for me that is greenery 95% of the time. I think it serves a great base and gives your bouquet the density it needs to be substantial. 

Finally, I'll scatter in the specials. These are often smaller florals like white coneflowers or sprigs of echinacea to give it a little accent, variety and texture, and to appropriately fill in the low to medium height area of the arrangement.

Keeping it simple often means using a lot of one thing, so even just a huge vase full of one thing can make the most gorgeous, dramatic statement. Just keep adding, clipping, fluffing and admiring until you love it. Like most things, it's all about the layers.

how to arrange a farmhouse floral arrangement / heirloomed
white hydrangea with herbs and greens / heirloomed
vintage garden clippers / heirloomed
vintage crystal cut vase / heirloomed
Arranging a farmhouse floral with lavender and white hydrangea / heirloomed
farmhouse floral arrangement / heirloomed

Another trick to perfecting your Farmhouse Florals is in bouquet form. It makes a special story and more meaningful gift when the recipient knows you not only dropped off the flowers but took the time to plant and grow them too. 

I love gathering the bundle and wrapping it in a swath of Kraft paper, tied with a few simple rounds of white bakers twine and adding a quick handwritten note. Nothing makes me more proud than delivering an armful to a friend.

Love to know some of your favorite tips + tricks to your arrangements, or other plants and flowers you love to use from your own garden #HEIRLOOMED



how to make a farmhouse floral arrangement / heirloomed


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Southern Kitchen Bucket List : Sunday Fried Chicken.

As my Southern Kitchen Bucket List continues, I'm sharing a special recipe from our recent trip to High Hampton Inn for some simply delicious Sunday Fried Chicken.

One of the traditions at the Inn is the weekly fried chicken meal, not much unlike many of us who grew up with special meals on Sundays as a tradition because it is a day of rest and one where we tend to have the most time to prepare a delicious meal. For some it's pot roast or homemade spaghetti that simmers all day long on the stove, but for many of us still it's fried chicken after church. 

Today I'm honored to share a recipe and tips for making fried chicken adapted from the chicken at the Inn. I don't generally fry at home so this was something I was a little anxious to tackle. I hope you'll give this one a try! Oh, and don't forget to mix it with some classic Buttermilk Biscuits too.

Sunday fried chicken recipe at high Hampton inn / southern kitchen bucket list / heirloomed


adapted from the recipe + tips at High Hampton Inn

  • Bone-in, skin-on chicken pieces (thighs, drumsticks, breast + wings)
  • Buttermilk (enough to cover / marinade chicken in)
  • All-purpose White Lily flour
  • Salt + pepper

In a large bowl or pot, marinade raw chicken and buttermilk for at least one (1) hour. In a rectangular dish, combine flour and salt & pepper for seasoning. Dredge each piece of chicken in your flour mixture, completely coating the chicken. Set onto a sheet pan and allow to sit for approximately 5 minutes. 

In a cast iron skillet heat oil and fry chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 150 degrees. 


Sunday Fried Chicken recipe / Southern Kitchen Bucket List / heirloomed

I'd love to know your secret to perfect fried chicken! #HEIRLOOMED

heirloomed is a lifestyle brand with a mission of "keeping heirlooms around for another generation." Our blog features stories about family recipes, creating traditions with your family, interior design and entertaining by mixing new and vintage pieces, classic style, and small town + historic travel. Our shop features a collection of "goods inspired by the past, for generations to enjoy" with an array of products and meaningful gifts including linen apronstabletop linensartceramics and beyond. Learn more at

A Getaway for the Generations.

Summertime is the best time for long days filled with playing outside, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the freshest of seasonal fare. Special times with family, summer vacations and memories to be made are all a part of bringing back the nostalgia of our own childhood summers.

We had the pleasure of visiting a truly special place as a family this summer as High Hampton Inn in Cashiers, North Carolina hosted us for a family vacation we won’t soon forget.

Growing up in Florida, I spent year after year traveling the roads to spend time up in North Carolina for the summer. The sweet smell of the blooms takes me back in an instant and the memories I have from those vacations are the ones I hold near and dear. 

family vacation on the front porch at High Hampton Inn / heirloomed
high Hampton inn / cashiers North Carolina / heirloomed
high Hampton inn / national registry of historic places / heirloomed
high hampton inn sign / heirloomed



Cashiers is a special little place, nestled so close to us in Atlanta, just beyond the town of Highlands and up a winding mountain road. The history that surrounds the Inn itself is truly what I live for and the wonderful staff had no problem sharing the rich stories with me during our stay.

Families have vacationed at the historic High Hampton Inn for generations, coming back the same week each summer year after year and staying in the very same room. Of course I asked if they still had any of the old hotel registries, which appeared just a few minutes later, a little dusty and filled with beautiful handwritten ledger names and dates. Imagine finding your great grandparents original check-in inside the pages of one of the old record books. We even heard a few ghost stories.

old historic hotel registry at high Hampton inn / heirloomed
historic hotel register showing generations of hotel guests / heirloomed

The beauty of the Inn took my breath away when we first pulled up and again when we explored. From the Lawn Inn you have a postcard-pretty setting, with the giant side of a bald mountain facing you, a picturesque lake at its base and blooms all around.

The flora + fauna were spectacular, with established blooming gardens and botanical signs around the trees, where we noted the largest pine tree on record. The dahlia gardens that surround the Inn have been cultivated and preserved from some of the original founders of the property. Each year the bulbs are stored and replanted for the season. 

A great fire took many of the original buildings of High Hampton and a great deal of the historical decor and early family treasures.  Back in the 1930’s the Inn Lodge was rebuilt as it stands today, improving on the original structure. 

bald mountain in cashiers North Carolina / heirloomed
rustic mountain woodwork and flora fauna / heirloomed
botanical marker / heirloomed
old wood shop at high Hampton inn / heirloomed

There is an old woodshed on property where each piece of furniture and the wooden shingles and railings were all made by hand by Inn workers at one time. The shingles, we learned, and much of the interior lobby wooden beams and columns are constructed by chestnut which is very hard and naturally repels bugs.

During the winter season the property still closes after Thanksgiving and the women of the Inn would get together and sew quilts during this time. These special quilts used to adorn each bed on the property and there is even a quilt shed where these pieces were stored. I didn’t get to lay my eyes on one of these but next time it’s on my must-do list. 

Of course I made a little time during our road tripping to visit some of the wonderful local shops, like Francie Hargrove in Cashiers which has carried our line, and a few roadside antique stops where I found a few treasures (surprise, surprise) to restock the Vintage Goods on the site.



I know most vacationing guests don’t dive into the history of the area or property, but I would so encourage you to do so on your next family trip. You never know what you may find out and it truly inspires a love for these stories in your children at an early age. I know it did for me, and I hope it does for my kids as well. 

Our days will filled with special activities enjoying the gorgeous summer weather in the mountains. I grew up hiking the trails of North Carolina so daytime hikes were a must in my book. The gorgeous mountain laurels were in full bloom and Sawyer loved the pink blooms that decorated the trail floor, collecting pocketfuls as we hiked along. Fallen trees and little creeks kept things interesting for the kids and there were so many more trails we didn’t even get to explore right there on the property.

North Carolina family mountain hikes / heirloomed
lake trail rustic hiking sign / heirloomed
rhododendron / heirloomed
mountain hike treasures / heirloomed
taking a break on the trail from our family hike / heirloomed
family hike on the trail / heirloomed
little hikers / heirloomed

My personal favorite was the water activities, and I know Wyatt agrees with me here. Each morning we went down to the sweetest Boat House and we grabbed a canoe and paddled around with the whole family. There’s a little dam, a gorgeous view and lots of geese running around. There is even great fishing and fly fishing. Wyatt got his first chance by himself on a kayak, and we are now the proud owners of two kayaks for the kids thanks to the fun experience. Shane paddle boarded along with him and I’m afraid that might be our next purchase. The clear mountain water and the morning light was such a peaceful start to the day.

lake and mountain view / heirloomed
rustic boat house at high Hampton inn / heirloomed
canoeing at high Hampton inn / heirloomed
boathouse at high Hampton inn / heirloomed
family canoeing adventure / heirloomed
boat house toys / heirloomed
rustic canoe / heirloomed

There’s a great golf course nestled among the property, tennis courts, a spa and a great little ropes course for the kids. We took a lot of downtime just rocking on the front porch of the Inn or at our little cabin.

There is even a Llama Hike, which makes for a great photo opportunity and the kids loved seeing them parade around. We played shuffleboard and bocce ball in the evenings, and they ran around and played on the Inn Lawn with the most gorgeous sunset against the bald mountain view. Perfect for us to enjoy a glass of wine and soak it all in.

outdoor yard games closet / heirloomed
kids learning shuffleboard / heirloomed
outdoor table tennis / heirloomed
rustic board games at high Hampton inn / heirloomed
red rocking chairs on the porch at high Hampton inn / heirloomed



One of my favorite traditions of the rustic Inn is the proper dinner Dining Room rule that apply. Men are in coats, no jeans or cell phones allowed. The walls were filled with a collection of mismatched paintings and black and white historical photos, telling the story of the original founding families of the Inn.  

I loved for the kids to be able to experience a great dining atmosphere where their cloth napkins sat in their laps among their little Southern smocked dresses and seersucker shorts. It reminded me of dining at my Grandmother’s house, an experience I hope families continue forward beyond just holiday time.

Oh, and the food was such a treat. Great food is a part of great experiences and memories, and this was no exception. I picked up a copy of the Cookbook from the Inn, where recipes from some of their long-time employees and guests have shared some of their family favorites. 

southern fried chicken at high Hampton inn / heirloomed
buttermilk biscuits with honey / heirloomed

Popular dishes from the Inn include the Sunday Fried Chicken, prepared by the same chef, JR Hayes, for over 30 years from a recipe he learned growing up in his own Grandmother’s kitchen. I can attest you must give this one a try and I was thankful they were kind enough to share the recipe with me!

The original smokehouse still stands at the back of the Inn and we heard stories of table after table of curing hams being laid out on the dining room tables during the winter months while they were closed, holding the perfect temperature for the curing process.

old smokehouse at high Hampton inn / heirloomed

The dessert table was filled with options at each meal, but back in the 1920’s there was just one dessert on the menu. Sunny Silver Pie, a layered lemony treat is still served each day, and a close second favorite of Inn guests is their Black Bottom Pie. My little guy Waylon loved a classic ice cream in the cutest little silver cup just as much.

chocolate ice cream in a silver cup / heirloomed


There were so many takeaways from our special little family vacation at this historic property. It made me realize that we rarely take trips with just our little family of five, as we travel a lot with our extended families and with friends too. 

This was just what we needed and the trip has inspired us to tackle some of the other classic destinations around so we can expose the kids to these rich experiences full of tradition and history. I grew up taking road trips around the South and I love sharing the same experience with my kids. 

mountain cabin in cashiers North Carolina / heirloomed
rustic guest room inn at high Hampton inn / heirloomed
rustic lodge wall display / heirloomed
little hikers / heirloomed


I’d love your recommendations on where we should go next or places that your family loves to go! #HEIRLOOMED

heirloomed is a lifestyle brand with a mission of "keeping heirlooms around for another generation." Our blog features stories about family recipes, creating traditions with your family, interior design and entertaining by mixing new and vintage pieces, classic style, and small town + historic travel. Our shop features a collection of "goods inspired by the past, for generations to enjoy" with an array of products and meaningful gifts including linen apronstabletop linensartceramics and beyond. Learn more at

Rustic Blueberry Galette.

This time of year has me savoring and soaking up all the fresh fruits and vegetables that make up the flavors of summertime. 

While we haven’t had too much luck with our little assortment of blueberry bushes in the yard this year thanks to the birds but I picked up a big batch of fresh blueberries and thought I’d turn them into something sweet and simple for the 4th of July.

Rustic Blueberry Galette recipe / heirloomed
Rustic Blueberry Galette / recipe heirloomed

I’m such a fan of pies and crumbles, and the galette is just a rustic and simple take on the concept of a pie. And even better, it’s “easy as pie” as they say. 

A buttery crust and tossing of the blueberries, a quick bake and you’re done. I topped mine with some homemade whipped cream but a classic vanilla ice cream would be yummy too. The fresh, plump blueberries just burst in your mouth and the sweet crust is the perfect compliment. 

Fresh blueberries in vintage tin colander / heirloomed
Cold butter for rustic blueberry galette recipe / heirloomed
Dry goods baking ingredients for rustic blueberry galette recipe / heirloomed




1 cup (2 sticks) cold, unsalted butter

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 TBSP granulated sugar 

1 tsp kosher salt

1/2 cup cold buttermilk


1 egg (reserve for egg wash / assembly)

1/4 cup sanding sugar (reserve for assembly)



1 lb fresh blueberries (pat dry)

1/3 cup granulated sugar

2 TBSP cornstarch

Zest of 1 lemon

vintage pastry cutter with cold butter and white lily flour / heirloomed

In large bowl stir together flour, sugar + salt. Cut cold butter into cubes and toss to coat the butter in the dry ingredients mixture. On a floured surface dump the mixture and use a rolling pin to combine butter evenly throughout the flour mixture. Work quickly and try not to use your hands to keep the butter as cold as possible. Return your dough to your bowl, creating a well in the center.

Add buttermilk, using a wooden spoon to combine. Mixture should be on the dry side. Wrap in waxed paper and refrigerate overnight, or for at least about an hour to chill. 

flaky dough with vintage rolling pin for rustic blueberry galette / recipe heirloomed
buttermilk well / heirloomed
messy dough hands / heirloomed
vintage rolling pin rolling out chilled dough / heirloomed

I decided to make mine into personal-sized galettes for ease of serving the family but I just love the look of a big, rustic galette and it’s great for a large crowd too. If making several smaller galettes instead of one single one, be sure to divide and wrap the dough into smaller segments before chilling. 

Once dough is chilled and ready to bake, preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a medium bowl, combine granulated sugar, cornstarch and zest from one lemon. Add dry blueberries to the mixture and toss to coat. 

Using a rolling pin, roll out your dough into a large circle. Remember it doesn't have to be perfect, this is suppose to be a simple and rustic dessert. Transfer the dough onto a well greased baking pan.

clabber girl baking powder to coat blueberries / rustic blueberry galette recipe / heirloomed
coated blueberries for rustic blueberry galette / heirloomed
making rustic blueberry galettes / heirloomed

Spoon the coated blueberries onto the center of your dough and then fold the edges of the dough up and into the middle of the galette so the blueberries are contained.

In a small bowl, whisk one egg and brush the edges of the dough with the egg wash. Generously sprinkle granulated or sanding sugar, for an extra crunch, around the surface of the dough.

Bake for 25-30 minutes until crust is golden brown and the blueberry filling is bubbling. The dessert is best served warm.

Rustic blueberry galette recipe / heirloomed
Rustic blueberry galette with homemade whipped cream / heirloomed

Love to know your favorite treat to enjoy for the holiday weekend and love to know if you give this one a try! #HEIRLOOMED


heirloomed is a lifestyle brand with a mission of "keeping heirlooms around for another generation." Our blog features stories about family recipes, creating traditions with your family, interior design and entertaining by mixing new and vintage pieces, classic style, and small town + historic travel. Our shop features a collection of "goods inspired by the past, for generations to enjoy" with an array of products and meaningful gifts including linen apronstabletop linensartceramics and beyond. Learn more at

A Kitchen Tour.

I get a lot of questions about my workspace but truth-be-told we spend so much time in the kitchen these days, testing out new and vintage products, styling and shooting new stories and entertaining. It's the gathering place in our home and one where we spend wonderful family time too. 

 I thought it was about time to give a little sneak peek into the details of our farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

square subway tile kitchen range with wooden feast board / heirloomed

I love testing out some of our product designs in my own kitchen. It helps me to see their functionality and how they hold up to wear and tear, and do so for the WoodKith side of the business too.

I wanted a bit of a cozy nook feeling to our range, tucked away into a vent that is hidden by the square, matte subways that cover every wall in the whole kitchen. I loved the feeling of the tile against the shiplap wood ceilings and walls in the adjoining rooms. And, I always have my metal tea kettle on the stove, a vintage little nod that I still enjoy having handy and use so much especially in the colder months. It was a wedding gift from my stepmom and a must-have if you ask me!

Farmhouse Mudroom and Kitchen / heirloomed

We have a range of light grey and creamy to bright whites to lightening up our kitchen area, touched with dark accents like the heavy iron knobs, metal lighting and industrial bar stools. I love mixing in these more utilitarian elements and finishes to keep it simple and clean and give nod to that vintage feeling I love so much.

One of my biggest must-haves when I designed the kitchen was a large island workspace. No sink, no multilevel bar, just a big area that's perfect for working and rolling dough and entertaining. This versatile space changes a lot as I love playing with the decorative elements but handy essentials like a seasonal candle, a fresh vase of flowers and my go-to snack bowl of pistachios are almost always a part of the assortment. 

The large, rustic bulb tray that sits there now is the perfect size and place to keep everything contained without feeling too cluttered, and it's easy to move in one swoop when I am needing the extra space for working in the kitchen. It's also home to my little basket of collected vintage silverware and serving pieces.

kitchen detail of vintage bulb collector / heirloomed
Stacks of dishes in open cabinet for kitchen tour and Falcon enamelware in pigeon grey / heirloomed
stacks of mismatched vintage white  mixing bowls / heirloomed

Flanking each side and atop our refrigerator are glass cabinets filled with stacks of mismatched cream + white dishes, my favorite dune Le Creuset cookware and a host of mismatched cake plates, vases and vessels that are both handy and worthy of display. I love stacks and pairings of objects in a kitchen and dining room, bringing collections of similar things or colors together helps to pull together the whole area in a more dramatic way.

And, did I mention they're super functional and effortlessly easy to keep this way too. Never too neat but never too messy. Just my style.

white and grey farmhouse kitchen / heirloomed
Matte Square subway tile and grey kitchen cabinets / heirloomed
Scenes from the kitchen / heirloomed
designer ashley schoenith kitchen tour / heirloomed

I originally wanted to go with concrete countertops but functionally it wasn't the best considering the wear and tear of someone who likes to cook a lot, or for a young and messy family. I ended up going with quartz in honed pebble to give the same look and color palette of the concrete I wanted design-wise. 

The quartz is super durable, very low maintenance and I went with a 3" thick version on the big kitchen island to really root the kitchen and give it some substance. If I had to do it all over again I'd go with quartz a hundred more times, and just two short years later there are so many new designs and colors for you to choose from. But honed is my favorite finish of all.

caesarstone quartz countertop in honed pebble / heirloomed
little kitchen helper in apron / heirloomed
farmhouse kitchen sink / heirloomed

The large farmhouse sink was another must for me when designing the space. It offered the perfect touch of rustic with a vintage nod and all the functionality of a modern home. I knew I had to have a sink with a single, large basin instead of one that was divided into two sections thanks to my love of large pots, pans and dishes. The little metal wire insert in the bottom is also key to keeping it good condition and not breaking (too many) wine glasses during their washings.

cubes of French soap / heirloomed
peaches and thyme farmhouse kitchen details / heirloomed

I had so much designing this special space for our family and seeing it come to life. I go Pinterest-crazy when it comes to loving kitchen spaces and I'd love to see some of your own favorite kitchen design details. Hope you enjoyed the little peek inside and it helps to visualize some of what you're seeing from our own home studio and kitchen here on the site.

heirloomed is a lifestyle brand with a mission of "keeping heirlooms around for another generation." Our blog features stories about family recipes, creating traditions with your family, interior design and entertaining by mixing new and vintage pieces, classic style, and small town + historic travel. Our shop features a collection of "goods inspired by the past, for generations to enjoy" with an array of products and meaningful gifts including linen apronstabletop linensartceramics and beyond. Learn more at