Behind the Scenes with the Gentlemen of WoodKith.

If you have been following along on my Instagram these days, you know how excited I am about each and every one of our new Southern Artisan Collection collaborations.

Working with the gentlemen at WoodKith is no exception, for several reasons. In transparency, my husband is one of these gents so I really couldn't be more excited about their no-so-new business. Though they have officially just launched, this labor of love has been years in the making.

gentlemen of woodkith

The guys have been sourcing, buying and drying the perfect pieces and slabs of wood for nearly THREE years now. They have an amazing inventory of some of the prettiest pieces of maple, black walnut and the largest pecan anyone has seen - ready to pull at a moments notice and turn into a beautiful piece that will be storied and treasured.

While the guys work out of Atlanta day-to-day, Adam has a workshop up in the North Georgia mountain town of Clayton, where most of the large pieces are constructed and finished, as well as where the metalwork is done. They also work out of our farm in Monticello, where Shane's grandfather's woodshop stands. It's a place he loved to work and is filled with old tools and treasures from his woodworking and army days. This is also where they keep their large slabs of wood at hand.


Seeing these pieces of wood come to life in their beautiful modern organic tables and benches has truly been an amazing process to watch. Seeing the piece come from a rustic, outdoor setting to finding its way inside a home as a showpiece is a breathtaking process. And their custom pieces are no exception.  These guys are putting in the heavy lifting, a combination of hard work and craft of woodworking go into each and every special piece.

WoodKith maple slab coffee table
WoodKith Slab Conference Table
WoodKith Console Table
WoodKith Feast Boards

I'm so in love with the Feast Boards the guys have created for us and seeing each unique piece on a tablescape. And, can't wait for some new designs soon!

heirloomed + West Elm Launch Event.

We are teaming up with one of my favorite brands, and I couldn't be more excited or thankful. West Elm has graciously offered to host us for a launch event to officially celebrate the launch of our rebranding from IceMilk Aprons to heirloomed.

West Elm Event

I love the organic, simple and classic nature of West Elms product assortment and think our pieces pair well with theirs for anyone looking to entertain in the home. West Elm also has a great focus on supporting local businesses and makers, so with this event I am thrilled that we will be launching our new Made in the South Collection, as well as celebrating our Southern Artisan Collection collaborations and artists.

In case you missed the announcement, we've been working hard to source fabrics, hone designs and find manufacturing resources right here in the South to make this collection a reality.  I love the new designs and feel the product assortment is a great reflection of our new brand, heirloomed.

I hope you'll come out to visit us this Thursday, June 4th from 6:00-8:00PM at West Elm in Atlantic Station in Atlanta for this very special event. In the meantime, you can pre-order pieces from our new Made in the South Collection, and check out some of the artisan bios & pieces from our Southern Artisan Collection. I'd love to see your friendly faces & meet you that evening!


Made in the South.

striped cafe apron
gentlemens chambray pocket square
railroad striped tea towel
bridal handkerchief

Gosh, this post has been a LONG time in the making. But well worth the wait.

The good & bad thing about owning your own business and living the #entrepreneurlife is that you get to wear many hats (more on this to come). And on of the balances is managing and selling your current collection while investing time and resources into new products and designs to stay current for the future.

Now, the timeline for doing so can be a little crazier than you think in the lifestyle product world. And it changes drastically when you shift from apparel to technology to real estate and beyond. But, by crazy I generally mean we are shooting our holiday items this time of year, to be ready to pitch & sell starting in July for the upcoming holiday season. But, that's just a mainstream timeline of course. I had one large retailer tell me this past January that they had just wrapped up the holiday buying already for the year. Finding your own timeline and groove is all part of the process.

For the last nearly two years, I've been seeking resources, talking to manufacturing partners, sourcing fabrics and embellishment details, crunching numbers and doing some major R&D. I knew in my heart that I wanted to bring my manufacturing here, and by here I don't just mean "made in the USA", I mean back to the South. I have spent summers traveling the tiny towns and back roads of North Carolina since my childhood and unknowingly watched the decline of factories, mills and the likes closing their doors and boarding their windows. I naively thought sourcing resources for production in the South would be a fairly straight & narrow path, yet that hasn't been the case. It's been a challenge and I've called in some favors along the way to some of the greatest makers & entrepreneurs already doing business here in our neck of the woods.

I started this journey with our Southern Artisan Collection, partnering with Southern makers who specialize in their own craft - from ceramics to woodwork to art - and I can honestly say every minute of designing, collaborating, meeting with and sourcing these folks has been such a true joy.

Taking the adventure a step further, I was finally ready to embark on our Made in the South Collection. The process has been fabulously educational & rewarding. The designs, I am honestly in love with and are such a true fit for where we are headed with the heirloomed brand. The quality, as always, is fabulous. I'm overjoyed.

I don't know how this collection will be received. It surely makes me nervous, but more than anything, optimistic. I appreciate your support in helping bring these new pieces and this new process to life and would love your feedback along the way!

Our Made in the South Collection is now available for pre-order on the website - so click over and look around at the new pieces, along with our Made in the South Look Book to learn a little more about the inspiration behind the designs.


{ Oh, and I hope you'll join us for a special launch of the Made in the South + Southern Artisan Collection pieces this week at our event with West Elm! More details here}



A Visual Adventure.

As a lover of beautiful visuals {read: I am Pinterest + Instagram obsessed ...} I always love when I find a new stylist or photographer who's work I can't get enough of. Well, Eva Kosmas Flores of Adventures in Cooking is certainly no exception.

There are so many things I could gush about - her love for the simplicity of farm-life living and fresh ingredients that shines through in her work, the moody + rustic nature of her styling and photography, and the fact that I can follow along her adventures in cooking.

linen cocktail napkin
linen napkin

Eva beautifully styled a few of our linens previously and truly brought their rustic side to life. I love seeing how people use pieces from our collections. She's a must-follow on Instagram and she's hosting a little giveaway with us until May 31st {click here to enter}. She chose one of her favorites, our Whisked Whipping Cream waist apron and she couldn't be a more beautiful model for this classic design.

linen waist apron

Hope you'll check out her blog & social sites - promise you won't be disappointed!

I'd love to know some of your favorite blogs, sites, photographers & stylists to get more rustic visual fix ...

Effortless Entertaining with the Radish.

One of my new, go-to favorites for effortless entertaining {because is there any other kind?} is the radish. I absolutely love how sweet they look and the peppery bite gives a great but simple flavor any way you use them.

I have tried them many different ways, from roasted to raw. I learned this SUPER simple dish from my friends Federico + Clara, who are masters of hospitality and effortless entertaining.

radish recipe



Wash radishes & slice into medium rounds. Chill + serve crisp.

Soften butter to room temperature and allow guests to dip or spread a dab of butter on radish slight with a sprinkle of salt on top.

It's that simple - but the flavors are fabulous and the presentation is gorgeous. I love Banner Butter {unsalted} and St. Helena Organic Grey Sea Salt. Although, if I remember correctly, Clara uses Black Sea Salt, which made for an even prettier presentation.


And, you can get a sneak peek at one of our gorgeous new Wooden Feast Boards in the photos above, made right here in Georgia by the local team at WoodKith. They are handmade and are available in lengths up to 4' long, truly bringing to life the presentation of this dish {or any cheese or charcuterie platter}.

The butter knife is from my mix-matched collection of vintage, monogrammed silverware and the little white dish is an antique French piece I picked up at the market a few months ago.

Hope you'll give this dish a try & enjoy!