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Hand Drawn Sketches.

Hand Drawn Sketches.

October 25 2017
This time of year I'm scrambling to squeeze in a little photo session of my family so I can knock...

MEET THE ARTIST : Sally King Benedict.

April 17 2017
Sally King Benedict is an artist with the South in her blood. Born in Atlanta and working there t...

MEET THE ARTIST : Kiki Slaughter.

March 10 2017
When it comes to heirlooms and the preservation of stories, there's nothing more important than h...

Introducing the Studio Apron.

March 10 2017
A blank canvas is a symbol of opportunity, growth, creativity and what is to come. We wanted our ...
Sitting Down with Artist Stephen Key

Sitting Down with Artist Stephen Key

April 9 2016
As part of our Southern Artisan Collection, we have been working with Georgia-based artist Stephe...

The Creation of Family Traditions: Signature Handwriting.

March 27 2009
Truly a lost art, a forgotten everyday skill of the past, a statement that can define you as a un...