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Cookies + Milk for Santa

Cookies + Milk for Santa

December 21 2015
This is one of my very favorite times of year. There is no greater time of year than the holiday ...

Laundry Day.

March 18 2015
There is no chore I dislike more than laundry, it's true. I have two little kiddos {soon to be 3}...

#southernchat: Southern Gardens.

April 29 2013
Since Spring has sprung and we're in the midst of showers and sunshine, what better time to chat...

#southernchat: jars & canning.

February 15 2013
If you know me well {or .. not so well} you know that jars are simply one of my favorite things!...

williams-sonoma artisan market.

September 6 2011
I was lucky at last to have a free momento this weekend to pop into the fabulous Artisan Market ...

The Passing Down of Heirlooms: Pewter Flatware.

December 12 2008
I previously shared my absolute love for the line of Match pewter that reminds me of service that...

The Passing Down of Heirlooms: The Basics.

September 21 2008
Generally, an heirloom is defined as a family possession that is passed down from generation to g...