The Passing Down of Heirlooms: Wiss Scissors.

Wiss scissors are a simply wonderful heirloom treasure that can often be overlooked if you're not careful! The finest scissors in the world, Wiss scissors began in 1814 by a Swiss jeweler in New Jersey with the founding of J. Wiss & Sons Jewelers and have ever-since been a staple in sewing rooms across the world.

The scissors are simply lovely, coming in all shapes & sizes, and I was lucky enough to inherit those from my Grandmother's collection. They are still sharp as can be and you'd never know their true age. I proudly display my collection in my IceMilk Aprons office, on my desk nestled in a wonderful wooden container.

I remember a past-issue of beloved Domino Magazine that featured Drew Barrymore with her collection of Wiss scissors proudly displayed on her desk.

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