We are excited to announce our new heirloomed Bedding line, which includes 3 collections and a holiday collection. Below is a sampling of images and detail shots from the showroom launch at the NY Textiles Show in March 2017, along with an outline of the collections. I am thrilled to share our first licensed category in partnership with Design Source International, a wonderful industry partner with a specialty in quilting that fits right in with our aesthetic and focus.



A thoughtful collection that celebrates the craft of sewing by highlighting three basic stitch techniques in the design - the cross stitch, running stitch and a mended stitch. This collection includes a full range of top of bed - from sheets to quilts, duvets, throws and dec pillows in a range of beautiful grey colors. Surprise hidden details, like stitching that runs up the corner of the fitted sheets give nod to the thoughtful details that went into this design work.



This collection brings to life the richness and plush details of bedding, inspired by the farm-to-bed fields of Southern Cotton in the fall. The packaging is "bundled" much like a cotton bale and is set upon a white and natural color palette, allowing the vintage details of the quilting and textures to stand out. Ink stamped details on some pillows and sheets also bring to life a simplicity and utilitarian nature to this design.



Giving a nod to the unique, independent hospitality properties of bed + breakfasts across the country, this collection makes you want to dive right into to bed and escape to a beautiful, quaint destination in the country. Features of this collection include unique packaging inspired by a wooden crate that helps this line stand out on the shelf and upon arrival to the customer, with a very focused attention to pulling in vintage quilt design details such as fun quilt pulls, along a linen + white color story.



Because there is no time more steeped in tradition that around the holidays, this was a natural extension for our first bedding line. This classic collection puts a fun yet simple spin on holiday decor, bringing in the hand stitched and whimsical details, set upon vintage cotton, linen or classic velvet fabrics. The assortment includes a range of dec pillows, hand-stitched "tis the season" and "twas the night before Christmas" story elements, an Advent Calendar quilt + pillow, bedding + throws, stockings + tree skirts.