Childhood Photo Gallery Wall

childhood photo gallery wall

I have always been so moved by the power of a visual image. Very specific nuances and the smallest of details can make the biggest difference when it comes to a single photograph capturing a moment in time, forever.

displaying childrens photos
black and white children photos

When it comes to photographing life's moments, of course as a mom I can't possibly get enough photos of my kiddos. And I love seeing them in "everyday" moments rather than posed portraits. Over the last four years, like so many families, we have amassed such a huge number of photos that end up being stored on our phones or computers so I made a commitment this year to bring them out of the archives and fill our home with these special treasures.

I've only just started and I did so in our upstairs hallway + landing between all of our bedrooms. I picked a variety of photos showing a glimpse of the kids over the years and also their most current photos, and made it easy to switch them out when I want to with these simple gallery frames.

I love the over-sized prints because they make such a statement, and of course I love black and white photos because (well because if you know me, then you know) I think when you strip away the color you notice more of the details and emotions in the image and they become even more powerful.

displaying family photos

My goal is to pick another batch and do a collection on our bookshelf in smaller frames next, and then revive an old tradition in my last photo project of the year to get us all caught up and bring some personal family love back into our space.  The traditional project is a little more in line with how folks have historically archived photos so I'm excited to share. Then, I will be moving on to utilize some of the vintage family photos we have collected and finding a truly special way to display these gems.

Love to know how you stay on top of using and displaying and sharing your family photos!

baby sister love
sibling trio
waylon newborn
brother sister
three siblings

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