Southern Kitchen Bucket List : Homemade Butter.

My neighbor John came over about a month ago and mentioned he had just made a fresh batch of homemade butter. My ears perked up. Well, this is something I haven't tackled yet... And, as if it were meant to be, this was perfect timing with the launch of our new Butter Pat Dish.

Like all made-from-scratch things, I love the simplicity and basic nature of making butter. And most importantly, if we don't learn these most basic skills we can't pass them down to the next generation and at some point they'll be gone. Oh, and if there's one thing you should know about me it's that I'm highly visual so I've tried to document each step of the way. So here's to making butter, and passing it along.





heavy whipping cream
homemade whipping cream

With the whisk attachment, mix heavy whipping cream at high speed. It goes quickly through the stages and will just take a few minutes.

whipped cream consistency
homemade whipped cream
making butter

You'll see the cream begin to thicken (read : whipped cream, the best made-from-scratch thing perhaps ever) and as it mixes longer it will quickly begin to solidify and clump together, separating itself into butter solids and buttermilk. Once this occurs you can turn off the mixer to avoid buttermilk splattering all over your kitchen.

butter solids

Next, gather the butter solids into a flour sack cloth or cheese cloth.

straining buttermilk
butter solids

Then take the buttermilk and pour it through a fine mesh strainer or again cheesecloth to capture any remaining butter solids. I poured mine directly into a little jar to store for biscuit making, perfect.

squeezing out the buttermilk
homemade butter

Squeeze the remaining buttermilk out of the butter solids, wringing out as much as possible. Try to handle it as quickly as possible as the butter will begin to melt.

washing butter
salting butter

Wash the butter in a bath of cold water to remove any remaining buttermilk, as it will make the butter sour and not allow it to keep as long. The water in your bowl will be cloudy for several baths and continue until it runs clear. Finally, sprinkle salt and mix in.

wrapping butter

I rolled mine slightly into a log and wrapped it in a waxed paper covering to keep.

buttered biscuit
buttered biscuit

But of course be sure to enjoy it first! You'll love how fresh it tastes, and how easy it was. I loved seeing the whipped cream > butter > buttermilk components - would be a fun thing for the kiddos to help with.

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