Storing Your Holiday Ornaments.

It can be a challenge to find a way to store all of your Christmas decorations, let alone an aesthetically appealing away to do so. You know I'm a big lover of reusing antique and vintage items in your home and this is a pretty little hack.

That's why I use old Coca-Cola crates to store my ornaments and holiday knick knacks, and we even have a few in the Vintage Goods shop right now. It just reminds of me special attic finds and treasures you'd expect to see in a super old home.

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The slots in the crates are practically made for most ornament sizes and save you the time of making your own partitioned container. You can even store the crates in a more visible closet or on a shelf, rather than hiding a more unsightly plastic container away in the basement, etc. 

For super old + special ornaments I tend to wrap them in Kraft or archival paper for safe keeping and tuck them high away so they're not to be broken.


This creative, cute and eco-friendly solution goes over well in my house and makes packing up after the holidays a much less daunting task.

storing your holiday ornaments / heirloomed



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