An Old-School Easter Egg Hunt.

There is an endless supply of creative DIY's and beautiful ideas for Easter eggs over on Pinterest, but per the normal you know I love to focus on the classics. 

old school childhood easter egg hunt / heirloomed

My kiddos love a good egg hunt and with their ages this year (5, 3 and almost 2), I know we are going to be in for such a treat when the Easter Bunny comes. We take to dying our Easter eggs the old fashioned way - with those classic little egg kits. All neat + tidy in the plastic color cups and that sweet little copper egg dipper that has become a quintessential symbol of childhood Easter. A bit of vinegar and a mix of water, plop in the color tabs and you’re ready to go! 

two Easter eggs on a hunt / heirloomed
little girl on an Easter egg hunt in the grass / heirloomed

I even love getting ahold of that little clear wax pencil that magically makes your designs appear when you dunk them into the color. The kids even got into an old stash of those tiny Easter stickers they used to give you in the egg kit that were at my in-laws house from years past. I don’t know if they still include then in the little kits today but seeing them affix the tiny crosses, flowers, and little words instantly took me back to my own childhood. 

little boy holding an Easter egg / heirloomed
green easter egg in the grass / heirloomed
children on an easter egg hunt / heirloomed
siblings on an easter egg hunt / heirloomed

While I do enjoy seeing all of the cool marbled eggs and the ones colored by natural plant dyes, I love going at it the old-fashioned way and letting the kids turn loose on some crazy colors. Because sometimes doing it the way it’s always been done is a really good thing.

children handful of easter eggs / heirloomed
biting into the easter egg after the hunt / heirloomed

Love to know what Easter traditions you still carry foward from your own childhood. #HEIRLOOMED

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