Family Movie Night.

In keeping with the family traditions over here, we are not ones who generally do a movie night.

Neither Shane nor I are really huge movie people (I know, I know ...) but there are certainly some classics that I'd love for the kiddos to see and a Friday night is always the perfect time for this fun family tradition. 

family movie night / childhood traditions / heirloomed

Where you used to have the process of getting in the car and going to Blockbuster to physically pick out whatever movie was left in-stock, our kids now have every movie ever made literally at their fingertips. 

I love popping up some popcorn and letting them pick out a little movie-sized pack of candy for a few snacks and all piling onto the couch together in our PJs for a little fun time together. With our age ranges (5, 3 + 1) sometimes the theatre can be a little challenging but they're just getting to the age now where I think it's about to get really, really good.

I also love the idea of bringing movie night outside for these summer months and figuring out a good projector system to rig up in the front yard, invite the neighbors over and all bring out our blankets. There is just something about seeing a movie outside "drive-in style" that feels so special and classic to me.

Happy weekend to you! Love to know what family traditions you love this time of year! #HEIRLOOMED

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