Drink More Water.

I'm one of those people who much prefers 95 degree days to 65 degree ones. I blame my hot + humid Florida weather upbringing but I really do love the heat.

This time of year (ok, any time of year really) I am always pushing myself to drink more water. I know it is so essential and I can totally see the countless benefits when I commit myself to pushing my intake.

lemon rosemary water / heirloomed

There are a few things that work for me in upping my daily intake of water.  

The first is simply tracking it. I've found that when I'm more aware of how much (or little) water I've had during the day it helps me to push on to get the right amount. That goes for the kiddos too.

Another easy way to drink more water is simply to make it readily available. I always have a water bottle handy filled with water that I can bring with me whether I'm at my desk, in the studio or running somewhere. Already having it in a "to-go" form helps me to grab and go as I need to.

cutting fresh rosemary from the herb garden / heirloomed
fresh cut rosemary from the herb garden / heirloomed

My last trick is to make the water a little more interesting and appealing. I love making up some flavored water and keeping a jar or pitcher on hand in the fridge for easy pouring. The flavor combinations are endless and especially during the Summer when all the fruit and herbs are so fresh and full of flavor.

For this "recipe" I picked some stems of fresh rosemary from my garden and cut up a bunch of bright lemons and simply added it to the pitcher. Not only is it yummy but it's so beautiful too if you're entertaining or looking to add a touch of something other than florals to a tablescape. 

A few other flavor and combo ideas are :

  • grapefruit + mint
  • almond
  • rosewater
  • lavender + honey
  • strawberry tops
  • raspberry + blackberry
  • cucumber
  • pineapple + coconut water
glass pitcher of lemon and rosemary flavored water / heirloomed

Love to know any tricks and tips you have for getting more water into your diet and any flavored waters that you love to make at home! #HEIRLOOMED



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