My Morning Smoothie.

I began to notice that I post a whole lot about biscuits and butter, comfort foods, sweets and treats but not a whole lot of the healthy stuff. Especially after that bathing suit post last week.

So I thought I'd share a bit of my morning routine with you since we actually do eat a lot of greens over here. Besides, you can't be a "member" of the clean plate club in our family without finishing everything, including the veggies. But this Chocolate Cherry Smoothie is one they all beg for in the mornings. 

healthy morning protein smoothie with chia / heirloomed

I haven't met a cherry I didn't love so this go-to smoothie recipe was a no-brainer for me. I've tried a few protein powders but settled on this one that has a great rich flavor and came in ranking the best in a few comparison side-by-sides I found. 

I like to keep all the fruits chopped and in the freezer to add to the smooth, frosty consistency of the smoothie,  It's a great way to get a bunch of greens and the benefits of the protein powder plus chia, allowing the flavor of the cherries and pineapple to overpower the others.

ingredients for chocolate cherry protein smoothie / heirloomed
vintage teaspoon of whole chia seeds / heirloomed
vitamix protein smoothie recipe / heirloomed


In a small cup, use 1/4 cup of water to soak chia seeds for 5-10 minutes before preparing your smoothie. In hi-speed blender, combine all ingredients, including soaked chia seeds. Mix on medium to medium/high speed until fully blended. Add small amounts of ice or water to get your smoothie to your preferred consistency. 

chocolate protein smoothie with spinach and cherries / heirloomed

It's our go-to every morning, my husband and the kids love it, and it's a great way to start the day on a healthy foot. Even when we are cooking fried chicken or churning ice cream for the next photo shoot!

Love to know your favorite smoothie recipes so I can mix it up from time to time! #HEIRLOOMED


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