My First Collection.

Any antique or vintage collector remembers the first object that got them started. For me, it was a thimble.

vintage thimble collection

I had been dragged through store after store, year after year of stopping at road-side places during our family trips to North Carolina and at some point I began to actually enjoy looking at and learning about the old pieces that filled these places. 

It was at this time I decided that I should have a collection of my very own, so deciding what to actually collect was the next step. So I scoured the "antique" store with my sister until I happened upon the little blue and white porcelain thimble that would unknowingly begin my love affair with all things vintage.

I proudly brought it home it in a little rolled up paper sack and displayed it on a small white wicker tray on my nightstand. Over the years, during our travels I'd collected more thimbles as I found them, most of them new from touristy gift shops at places like the Space Center or a State Park mountain we had climbed.

I was thrifting at one of my go-to places a few weeks ago in Chamblee and came across this unusual little partitioned box with a myriad of thimbles stored inside and it took me back to my own starter collection. 

Love to know what piece got you started, or what collections you have? #HEIRLOOMED

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