The Passing Down of Heirlooms: Dialect.

"Hence" was once a word I attempted to use on a daily basis. How lovely. How could I not be compelled? There are so many romantic hints of dialect that are reminiscent of love poems and Shakespearean plays that should be used more commonly in conversation today.

Edward's dialect in the uber-popular Twilight series is a delightful and endearing reminder of yesterdays language slipping into today's world. I do believe people are yearning for these words again!

Also included in my list of bring-me-backs are such gems as pardon me, gracious and anywho. Not quite Shakespearean but a good start nonetheless.

What heirloom words am I missing? What are you bringing back?


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The Passing Down of Heirlooms: Wiss Scissors.

Wiss scissors are a simply wonderful heirloom treasure that can often be overlooked if you're not careful! The finest scissors in the world, Wiss scissors began in 1814 by a Swiss jeweler in New Jersey with the founding of J. Wiss & Sons Jewelers and have ever-since been a staple in sewing rooms across the world.

The scissors are simply lovely, coming in all shapes & sizes, and I was lucky enough to inherit those from my Grandmother's collection. They are still sharp as can be and you'd never know their true age. I proudly display my collection in my IceMilk Aprons office, on my desk nestled in a wonderful wooden container.

I remember a past-issue of beloved Domino Magazine that featured Drew Barrymore with her collection of Wiss scissors proudly displayed on her desk.