Introducing ... heirloomed.

Most all of you have come to know us as IceMilk Aprons. Did you know that next year will be our TENTH year in business? This blows my mind. It's like watching your children grow and wondering where the time has gone. But, even with that, I always keep in perspective how proud I am of how far we have come and of all we have to look forward to in the future. Change is inevitable; growth is a blessing.

And so, it has come time for us to change {just a bit}. I have been literally chomping at the bit to share this news with you all for so long and the time is finally here! Today I am excited to share that we are launching the rebranding of our company, a transition from IceMilk Aprons to heirloomed.

This is the first part in a series of several posts I'll be sharing as part of introducing you to all that we have going on as heirloomed.


The Rebranding:

True insiders will know we launched our "heirloomed" collection of tabletop wares a little over a year ago and during that process I instantly knew this felt right, this is where we were suppose to be. We have always been a brand that is about more than just aprons, though aprons was the perfect starting point as they give nod to everything we have stood for from the beginning.

With a former life as in the advertising & marketing agency world, I had to step back and make sure I wasn't just rebranding for the fun of it {yes, this is my version of fun!} I do consider myself a serial entrepreneur, with a new idea every day and a love of hands-on learning but this path has been a clear and easy one in my mind. The time had come.

We are about heirlooms, the very essence of the word. And I love that the -ed gives a further "past tense" nod to the things from the past, the things that are passed down through families, that inspire our designs. With heirloomed, I feel more creative freedom to most easily launch new products in our collection outside of the kitchen, where it all began. Our original IceMilk Aprons will continue beneath the heirloomed brand and live on as a collection. And, we've already begun headed down the path of new product designs {more to come!}.

And so, I hope you'll take some time to check out our new site, services & refreshed brand. I'd love your thoughts and feedback! Oh, and you may see some of our social community sites like Instagram and Twitter begin to transition, but don't worry, it's still us there!

the lovely new Cottage Hill Magazine.

When Cottage Hill Magazine reached out to me about sending some samples for a shoot in their new publication, I could tell they had a little something special going over there.  And, BOY was I right. When you bring together super talented, creative minds the outcome is explosive {which in this case translates to serene}. When I received these images I was so smitten. The way in which they told the story spoke straight to my heart, and here's why.

Cottage Hill 1


The apron was styled, for the most part, outside of the kitchen. Which truly is how I loved to use my pieces. I remember when I first started out,  I would wear these waist aprons with a simple jean and ribbed tank and go out on the town to do what I needed to do. Somehow it just worked and I love how it does here as well.


I also love the way they portray the made-from-scratch concept of cooking. With mom in the kitchen cooking and teaching to cook. AND, with boys no less. So sweet and so important for all young ones to learn and embrace these techniques.



To see the full story & shoot over at Cottage Hill, click here.

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Thanks again to Cottage Hill & the team for including us!

Images via Cottage Hill. Creative Direction by Cottage Hill :: Story by Kaitlin Holland + Katie Selvidge :: Design by Kaitlin Holland :: Photography by Sawyer Baird :: Hair + Makeup by Hannah Bolton :: Sponsors: IceMilk Aprons