Family Game Night.

Among the toys and tablets that we often get caught up in, we try our very best to take a step back when it comes to showing our kiddos the magic of childhood. 

It's the simple traditions and the most spur-of-the-moment experiences that I remember loving most from growing up. Playing in the yard with friends and swimming until the sun went down. Impromptu cookouts after a ball game and a game of checkers at an inn that had no TV or internet access. Riding my bike up to the Sing store for a cherry icee and a roadside bake sale stand. This is what I want for their childhood.

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One thing we love to do together as a family, now that our kids are a bit older, is have an old-school family game night. Their favorite right now is Sorry. It's colorful, simple and pretty basic - and gives them the benefit of some pretty great fundamental skills no matter their age. We have color recognition for Waylon (almost 2), counting for Sawyer (3) and downright strategy for Wyatt (5) who has been known to pull a ringer on us from time to time. 

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A little dose of friendly competition is hard for our kids with the ages they are right now, but certainly a good life lesson. And spending time with them all together, gathered around a table learning, laughing and making memories beats just about any other Friday night activity I can imagine.

Any tradition we can create together is a score in my book. And of course it reminds me of all the games we played growing up, especially with my Grandmother who just loved to play a game of cards with us, like Rummy, and the little tile game of Rummikub too.

And, of course I absolutely love that so many of the games have come out with "vintage" versions that just look so great. But scoring an original vintage find from a flea market or antique store is always the way to go if you happen upon one.

For a young family, I thought it might be fun to share a few of our other simple game night favorites - and would love to know what some of your favorites are as well!

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