How To : Separate an Egg.

If you know anything about me you must know that I am an egg lover. Today I'm sharing a basic little skill that comes in handy in the kitchen when you're in sudden need of *just* the egg white, or *just* the egg yolk for a recipe. That's right - here's a little "how to" on separating an egg.

how to separate an egg / made from scratch series /  heirloomed

This is one of my favorites in our #madefromscratch series so far because it's one that I learned to do early on, by necessity. There are a few favorite recipes that were staples in our home growing up that called for just egg whites so the know-how to master this one without breaking the yolk or cracking little bits of shell into the bowl was essential. 

Here are my best tips for separating an egg after many years of practice, but truth-be-told the best way to master this one is just to give it some good practice.

tips for separating an egg yolk / heirloomed


  1. Gather your eggs along with two bowls, one for capturing your egg yolks and the other for your egg whites.
  2. Carefully crack the egg shell over your first bowl, trying to gently tap the egg in the very middle of the shell, slightly rotating it around to get a nice, even break.
  3. Separate the egg shell holding it straight up and down vertically, so the bottom half of the egg shell becomes a “bowl” to capture the egg yolk. Be gentle to ensure no bits of shell fall into your bowl.
  4. Allow the egg whites to drip into the first bowl you are working from, slightly tipping the shells and gentle transferring the yolk back and forth between each half of the broken egg shell to allow as much of the egg whites to fall into the bowl below. Be sure not to break the yolk in the transferring process or it will contaminate your egg whites and you’ll have to start from scratch.
how to separate egg yolk from egg white / heirloomed
egg whites and egg yolks and egg shells / heirloomed
bowl full of cracked brown egg shells / heirloomed

I hope you'll give it a shot, and I hope you're loving these kitchen basics. Love your feedback at #HEIRLOOMED.


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