Recipes From The Herb Garden.

This summer Heirloomed teamed up with The Home Depot to show you how to plant and tend to a farmhouse garden. Now I want to give you a delicious recipe so you can utilize these amazing herbs you grew. I used the basil from my garden to create a delicious Basil Pesto recipe.

Basil Pesto Recipe / heirloomed
Fresh Basil Pesto / heirloomed

Check out our Farmhouse Garden post to learn how to grow your own basil and check out the full recipe our here at The Home Depot Blog. Let me know what recipes you like to use your basil in.


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DIY Copper Garden Markers.

If you're anything like me you love a good garden that looks like it stepped directly out of Peter Rabbit's sweet cottage garden set on an English countryside. I hope you've been following along with our Farmhouse Garden series this season, with all the garden-to-table vegetables, fruits, herbs + florals you'll need to effortlessly entertain at a moments notice.

DIY copper garden plant markers / heirloomed

I took these really sturdy + sweet little copper garden markers from Home Depot and did a simple DIY to them with my old-school label maker by adding the plant names. The plant markers are not flimsy and they won't rot away so I knew they'd be perfect for getting me through the season and still being able to ID what I had planted. The all-metal will only get better with age and is waterproof to hold up outside.

DIY copper herb garden stakes / heirloomed
Blueberry copper plant marker for your garden / heirloomed
DIY copper garden markers / heirloomed

And I just love how "farmhouse" these black + white plastic labels are these days, some things never go out of style! And you can use this for a million things around your house and for the kids which is great too. And I went with the all-black tape because it's timeless. It's easy to use too, you just insert the tape, turn the ABC wheel until the letter is showing that you want to use and click the button on the handle. When you're done with the plant name (or whatever word you're creating) you can click the button to cut it and you have the cute little strip ready to apply anywhere! These are plastic so they're also waterproof, which is perfect for the garden.

DIY copper plant markers / heirloomed


DIY Copper Garden Markers / heirloomed


Please note this post may contain affiliate links. We teamed up with our friends at The Home Depot for our garden related content this season and they provided us with these cute copper garden markers. All thoughts and opinions are my own and this post is not related to our sponsored content program. Thanks for supporting our partners, like The Home Depot, who help us bring you lots of great stories here at heirloomed blog!