Hosting a Holiday Cookie Exchange.

Hosting a Holiday Cookie Exchange is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays. It may seem like a daunting task, but I'm here to share my tips and tricks on pulling it off, making amazing holiday memories, and collecting a ton of new recipes. You can also watch our video for more tips. 

holiday cookie exchange / heirloomed

Provide the Base - As the host you’re in charge of the base decor + set up. Set the expectations up front so participants know how many varieties and what quantity of cookies to bring (and anything else they need to bring), and gather the cookie recipes ahead of time so you know what everyone is bringing and there are no overlaps. 

holiday cookie exchange / heirloomed
holiday cookie exchange / heirloomed

The Cookie Tablescape - Make a beautiful spread to your liking, and remember to layer your table with height and decor. Add cake plates, platters, bowls, smaller plates and lots of tongs and servers so guests can easily grab and go. I even added a vintage sled as an additional layer of decor and height, allowing me to add greenery around and beneath it and plates and platters up top and below. Of course, the highlight of the display should be the beautiful cookies! Knowing the recipes ahead of time will help you better plan. You can even prepare table tents with each cookie name so guests know exactly where to place their cookies once they arrive, and so they know what they’re tasting while gathering their assortments.

holiday cookie exchange / heirloomed

The Details - Consider having a signature cocktail or cocoa for your guests. It’s a great time to break out that punch bowl that was passed down from your grandmother, as well as some other finger foods to break up that sugar high.

The recipes are a huge aspect of the exchange, so be sure you either provide them all in a packet or ask guests to each bring a stack of printouts or recipe cards with their own cookie recipe on it. That’s one of the biggest benefits to a cookie exchange beyond leaving with a container full of a variety of cookies: walking away with a whole bundle of new recipes to try next holiday.

I'm always sure to have holiday music on repeat and a nice mulling cider or spice on the stove to fill my home with the smells + sounds of Christmas. A cozy fire is a nice touch, too. If you have time, sending a physical invitation is also an old-school touch that most guests will appreciate!

holiday cookie exchange / heirloomed

Takeaways - It’s always nice to have little cookie tins (you can get these so many places during the holidays, like Target, the dollar store, etc.) for guests to fill up. Be sure to also provide waxed or parchment paper to line the tins. As an alternative, you can use cellophane or ziplock style bags. 

holiday cookie exchange / heirloomed

I'd love to hear how your holiday cookie exchange goes! #Heirloomed



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Gift Wrapping with Herbs.

Now you know I'll never sway from my signature kraft wrapping, not even for Christmas. But I do love to switch up the look under the tree each year with different ribbons, twines, tags and package accessories.

I've gone through quite a few iterations the past few years, from photos to feathers, so this year I looked no further than the herbs still growing in my garden for a little holiday inspiration.

gift wrapping herbs

I am such a fan of fresh evergreens and kraft but I had so many herbs this year that using them was an easy choice. I've always been a fan of rosemary but I was surprised to really love the lavender even more. The muted green tones helps to balance the warmth of the kraft and reminds me of a green I've seen in some vintage Christmas decor.

rosemary gift wrapping
lavender gift wrapping
clipping lavender from herb garden
rosemary sprig holiday wrapping

One little tip, clip your herbs within a day or two of gifting so they keep their fresh appearance! But a bonus is the fragrant mix of rosemary, sage, lavender + mint paired with your spruce for a scent you won't soon forget.

I'd love to know how you're wrapping your presents this year!