Spring Elderflower + Prosecco Cocktail.

The weather is warming up and more + more events are starting to pop up on my weekend calendar. From brunches to bridal luncheons and baby showers to Spring dinners and birthday parties it seems there is always room for a nice classic cocktail. This one is simple but always makes a beautiful presentation.

Prosecco cocktail by heirloomed

I love the fizz of a nice glass of Prosecco or something bubbly. The clean and crisp taste makes it very nice to sip on and is a great “starter” to get your event going.

Sometimes for a party, even a classic can use a new and fun twist. I gathered just a few more ingredients (and this gorgeous vintage coupe glass!) to turn a plain ol’ glass of Prosecco into a fancy cocktail for you.

Elderflower, which is the flavor in St. Germain, is just the most beautiful little hint of floral flavor. I think it adds just the right addition of flavor profile and depth to the cocktail to keep in fresh + signature. And the freshness + aroma of the thyme with those delicate little leaves just feels so sweet and elevated to me. Any excuse to use herbs!

St. Germaine + Prosecco cocktail by heirloomed

Elderflower + Prosecco Cocktail

Yield: 6 glasses
This light and refreshing cocktail is perfect for a spring get together.


Cocktail Ingredients:
  • 1 bottle Prosecco
  • 1 bottle St. Germain
  • A few springs of fresh herbs (one per glass)


How to cook Elderflower + Prosecco Cocktail

  1. Using your favorite serving glasses, pour about 3/4 way full with Prosecco.
  2. Next, add just a splash of St. Germain to really make the flavors pop.
  3. Lastly, garnish each glass with a fresh herb spring. I used thyme and it went really well with the other flavors.
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St. Germaine + Prosecco cocktail by heirloomed

This cocktail is so easy to make and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. What are your favorite spring cocktails to make for special occasions? Let me know in the comments below.


St. Germaine + Prosecco cocktail by heirloomed


The Art of Entertaining: Signature Drink.

Choosing an appropriate signature drink truly is an art. Absolutely a southern tradition, and one worth continuing, consider selecting a signature drink for your event guests at your next gathering. There are many things to consider before making a rash decision. What is the occasion? What else are you serving in terms of food? beverages? Who are your guests and what do they like?

A signature drink can be one that you own and always serve when you entertain, truly a signature of yourself as a host that guests look forward to and know will be there each and every time. For this, I'd recommend you choose something that is truly special & meaningful in someway to you. Perhaps it is a Manhattan because that was your grandfather's drink of choice. Or something with peach schnapps because you are from the fine state of Georgia.

Or, a signature drink can be one that fits the occasion. Like margaritas for a summer cookout, mint juleps for a Derby party or a flirty martini for a ladies night.

Whatever your drink of choice, having another special option for guests on top of wine & beer will help to solidify you as an expert in the art of entertaining!