Spring Cleaning : All About Laundry.

Laundry is one of those things that kind of swallows me each week. Between PJs, workout clothes, sports uniforms (times 3 kids times 12 sports), school uniforms and everything in between, we have a whole lot of loads going through our laundry room on any given day.

I’ve got to admit, it’s not my favorite chore but this is a little roundup of a few things to keep you sane amidst the piles.

White Waist apron by heirloomed

In old black-and-white photos I always see images of housewives wearing chic aprons and keeping their home immaculately. Since aprons are the core of our business, I had to remind you of a few reasons why you might want to consider wearing an apron while doing your laundry these days.

If you have a baseball or softball player in your home than you already know reason #1 - bleach! Protect the clothes you’re wearing from the stains + splatters of bleach and other soaps + water while you’re pre-rinsing or soaking, it’s a great way to keep you covered.

Most all of our aprons also have pockets, which are great for stashing clothes pins (if you’re still a laundry line kind of gal, which you know I love) but again if you have little kiddos the pockets are also great for catching miscellaneous items you might find in pockets like coins, crayons or chapstick (among other insane things I’ve found …), dryer sheets or one-off socks.

Shop our collection of laundry aprons here!

Laundry Tips by heirloomed
Laundry Tips by heirloomed

If you’re going to do laundry (ALL THE TIME) then I recommend you continue to keep the mantra of having only beautiful + purposeful things in your home. This is a fun little roundup I put together of items you should have in your own laundry room to help with the load and keep things lovely too. Let me know if I’m missing out on anything!


Spring Cleaning and Laundry Tips by heirloomed



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Laundry, laundry, laundry.

With 3 little kiddos, workout clothes for two and our daily wardrobe, not to mention bed sheets, towels, and bibs, we have a LOT of laundry around here. This is one area I really had to create a process for so it didn't become too overwhelming.

laundry room steele canvas

Thought it might be fun to share our laundry space and a few of the things that have made this chore a lot more tolerable in our home.

To start, I love our laundry room and making it visually pleasing is always my first step. The basin soaking sink is perfect for wet cloths and soaking out those t-ball stains and I love the vintage, utilitarian look. I found the old sign back when I was in college at a little antique store in the mountains and snatched it up immediately.

neutral laundry room
steele canvas laundry basket

Secondly, I'm a big believer in sorting your laundry, so our Steele Canvas roller and basket help me keep everything together, and looking great. I generally put the whites in the little basket to keep them separated. Each of our bedrooms has a laundry basket, so the large roller is perfect for everyone to dump their own laundry into and it's a super simple chore my little guys can easily take part in.

Last, my biggest pet peeve about laundry is that you can't just knock it out. It's a process with steps and waiting times and it's the folding / sorting / putting away that always gets me. I've started listening to podcasts while folding and it's made the whole process feel so much more productive and enjoyable. Love any recommendations if you have some good ones on your list!

laundry room lighting
vintage laundry faucets
black beehive laundry room tile
some restrictions may apply. steele canvas has provided two bins for this giveaway.