Lavender Coconut Milk Ice Cream.

There is nothing like homemade ice cream in the summer. There's nothing like homemade ice cream, in general. 

I remember growing up and using that old-fashioned ice cream churn with big chunks of rock salt to make some of the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had in my life. Eating it in the grass on a picnic table, completely drippy and sticky in the hot Florida afternoon summer sunshine. There's nothing quite like it.

Lavender Coconut Milk Ice Cream

I thought I'd get out into the herb garden and freshen up this summertime favorite with this recipe for lavender coconut milk ice cream.

Now I'm not usually one for a fancy take on something but to me this stuck to the farmhouse simplicity that I'm going for, and authentically was something I loved making that was right up my palette. Lightening it up with a little coconut milk was my original goal, but bringing the fresh flavor of the lavender inside, with a drizzle of honey totally elevated this treat from the kids cone to the adult table.

clipping fresh lavender from the herb garden / heirloomed
making homemade coconut milk lavender ice cream / heirloomed
Garden fresh lavender ice cream / heirloomed

Lavender Coconut Milk Ice Cream

This homemade ice cream flavor is both sweet and fresh. It pairs so nicely with a warm pastry or with a side of fresh fruit.


  • 2 qty cans of chilled coconut milk (full fat) (canned coconut milk, not from carton)
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp almond extract
  • Several bunches of fresh lavender
  • Drizzle of local honey


How to cook Lavender Coconut Milk Ice Cream

  1. Combine chilled coconut milk, sugar and almond extract in blender until combined. Ensure you are buying the thick coconut milk in a can, not the refrigerated version in the carton. 
  2. Pour mixture into your ice cream maker and churn per instructions. Spread mixture into a metal loaf pan and sprinkle lavender flowers on top for both flavor and decoration. Freeze for additional 15 minutes to set. Scoop and serve with a drizzle of honey or sprinkle of sea salt.
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fresh lavender coconut milk ice cream / heirloomed


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Gift Wrapping with Herbs.

Now you know I'll never sway from my signature kraft wrapping, not even for Christmas. But I do love to switch up the look under the tree each year with different ribbons, twines, tags and package accessories.

I've gone through quite a few iterations the past few years, from photos to feathers, so this year I looked no further than the herbs still growing in my garden for a little holiday inspiration.

gift wrapping herbs

I am such a fan of fresh evergreens and kraft but I had so many herbs this year that using them was an easy choice. I've always been a fan of rosemary but I was surprised to really love the lavender even more. The muted green tones helps to balance the warmth of the kraft and reminds me of a green I've seen in some vintage Christmas decor.

rosemary gift wrapping
lavender gift wrapping
clipping lavender from herb garden
rosemary sprig holiday wrapping

One little tip, clip your herbs within a day or two of gifting so they keep their fresh appearance! But a bonus is the fragrant mix of rosemary, sage, lavender + mint paired with your spruce for a scent you won't soon forget.

I'd love to know how you're wrapping your presents this year!