Love my Love Bug.

In 2014, I am resolving to blog {more} and to do so about things I am truly passionate about - family, the South, heirlooms - I'll start there and keep it simple. And so, here's to my first post of the new year! I gave you a sneak peek a while back from our Love Bug shoot with my favorite photographer, Heidi from Our Labor of Love and the adorable children's shop Seed Factory here in Atlanta.

As Heidi pointed out to me, this shoot is not my typical aesthetic - simple, clean, white. I go more for the setting, outdoors, rustic, layered. But the premise of the Love Bug shoots are to capture the pure joy of children, their favorite toy and to let them simply play and be themselves. Wyatt brought his sweet tiger Jellycat. And, the photos that resulted show my sweet two-year old just as he is - happy, sweet, silly and full of energy.

Here's to 2014!

Love Bug 1 Love Bug 2 Love Bug 3  Love Bug 4Love Bug 5

My Lovebug.

Just when you think you know what pure joy looks like, try giving a 2-year old a push button to a Smilebooth camera and see what happens.smilebooth 3 While we were waiting for our Lovebug shoot at the sweet kids store, seed factory here in Atlanta, Heidi and the lovely ladies at Our Labor of Love let the kiddos play in front of the camera and have more fun than I ever could have imagined. I can't wait to see the full Lovebug shoot photos of my sweet little guy and his most favorite Jellycat tiger.

smilebooth 1

smilebooth 2  smilebooth 4