Ceramic Thimbles and Hand-Stitches.

Today I'm so excited to share a little "behind-the-scenes" on a new product that I've had in the works for awhile now - our new Ceramic Thimbles.

keepsake ceramic thimble gift / heirloomed

If you remember, I recently shared a little story about my very first collection. My love of all things vintage spawned from childhood and frequent antique trips while traveling, when I finally decided to collect something of my own, thimbles. I'm not sure why I started here but I amassed quite a little collection over the years of my youth.

handmade ceramic thimbles / keepsake gift / heirloomed

One of my favorite ceramics artists, Devanie Schilpp, agreed to create these special Ceramic Thimbles for us as a continued part of our Southern Artisan Collection. I love thinking that some you may buy these as special gifts for some truly special reasons - for someone who loves to sew, someone who loves to collect thimbles (there are quite a few of us out there!) or someone young who has just learned to sew. Imagine the thoughtfulness of this gift from a beloved grandmother to granddaughter, who has just passed down the tradition and craft of hand-stitching.

handmade ceramic thimble stitch detail / heirloomed

Each Thimble is made by hand in small batches here in Atlanta, GA and features a special starburst stitch detail on the top with a 22K gold rim around the bottom edge. Each comes sweetly packaged in a small acrylic box filled with a nest of straw to protect the little gift.

When I first learned to sew it began as a cross-stitching project from my grandmother. On a simple little hoop I stitched a brown teddy bear and was so proud to hang it on my bedroom wall. I think I knocked through it in a day or two during one of my visits to see here.

handmade sewing kit from grandmother / heirloomed

Later, when I was off to college, my grandmother made me a "kit" that she'd assembled to get me through living life away from home. This included a recipe book, a little tool set and a sewing kit of parts and pieces she had put together in case I needed to do a hem or sew on a missing button. I still have pieces of this special kit today, with her own handwritten labels on the test tubes she packed the needles in. Such a treasure. 

This walk down memory lane inspired these precious Ceramic Thimbles and I do hope they find a special place for some of you as they have for me. Click here to shop our new Ceramic Thimbles, I'd love to know what you think!


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