Our Southern Artisan Collection celebrates the craft of Southern artisans and keeps these lasting talents and skills flourishing for future generations. We work with select artisans who have a particular mastered skill and produce beautiful work to concept, design and produce pieces that are "made in the South." It is our hope that through craftsmanship, design and memories made that each piece will become a treasured heirloom within your family.

Stay tuned for future collaborations + new products soon. If you are a Southern artisan interested in collaborating on a future project or know someone we should talk to, please email us at




Ceramics Artisan Devanie Pfitzinger Schilpp is an artist currently living and working in Atlanta, GA. She has lived the homegrown, handmade, farm-to-table lifestyle all her life. These ideals were taught to her by her mother & grandmothers. She went to the farmers market every week, grew a garden, and canned and baked for the county fair. The craftsmen style and humble forms from the 30s and 40s are incorporated into her designs from pie pans, mugs, platters, ribbon and belly pitchers - things that are used every day. The idea that people will enjoy their daily morning beverage in a cup that is handmade by her is one she loves and feels honored by. It is her hopethat the pieces will be enjoyed as people celebrate with family & friends.

Courtney Hamill of Honeycomb Studio


Honeycomb Studio is a small batch, handmade porcelain shop created by Courtney Hamill. Each piece that comes from her studio has been hand-made, either on the wheel or cast from an original mold, one-at-a-time so that no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

An Atlanta native, Courtney discovered ceramics later than most. On a whim, she signed up for an introductory ceramics class on the wheel her Junior year in college and, during that semester, developed an intense love-hate relationship with clay. Over the course of many late nights in the studio, the hate melted away and was replaced by a life-long passion for pottery. After college, she moved to Floyd, Virgina to live in an old farmhouse and work as an apprentice to Donna Polseno and Rick Hensley on the Blue Ridge Parkway. In 2012, after a brief hiatus from ceramics, Courtney walked away from her career in non-profit fundraising and hasn't looked back. She has been named by Huffington Post as one of the Top 15 Home Decor Trendsetters from the South and by Garden and Gun Magazine as one of the Next Generation of Southern Ceramicists.


sweet olive heirloom


This mother + daughter duo Hydie + Carley from Louisiana were inspired by a family heirloom journal that chronicled daily life in the most nostalgic way possible. The result is their gorgeous line today, Sweet Olive Heirloom, that produces keepsake hardbound journal for chronicling and capturing your most treasured memories. 

WoodKith founders.jpg


The team at WoodKith brings together a group of gentlemen who truly love the outdoors and believe that each piece they create helps to tell the story of the tree that inspired it. They are committed to producing items that celebrate the beauty of wood, pieces to gather around.

Based in Atlanta, GA, their pieces are handmade here in the South, as is most of the wood they source. They have spent the last few years sourcing and curing the collection of large wood slabs in their inventory, which generally take 2 to 3 years to dry before it is ready to be used for a new design. They often source trees that would otherwise be cut up or end up in landfills, saving and preserving them for generations through their work.

Wood worker Patrick Lowe


A native of Florida, Woodworker Patrick Lowe has recently discovered his love for this craft and following his passion over the last few years. He loves using wood found during his adventures with his fiancé while backpacking and traveling, bringing it home to turn it into beautiful and functional works of art.

Lowe has a passion for using repurposed wood with a story to tell and takes pride in sanding each of his pieces by hand. He currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida living next to a Bald Cypress Swamp on the St John's River.

Artist Judy Leckey.jpg


A lifelong artist, Judy has explored a wide variety of mediums and subjects in her career. From sign painting, to calligraphy, typography and graphic design she also enjoys her early days of focusing on painting. Often inspired by nature, she is able to capture the lifelike qualities and details of the animals and people she draws or paints.

Leckey was a Visual Arts major from Florida State University and has lived in Tallahassee, FL ever since. She enjoys working and creating from her home studio, where she has a variety of pieces of her works displayed as well as pieces from family members that were passed down to her over generations.

designer ashley schoenith


With a love for design and a very specific aesthetic, Ashley Schoenith's takes a lifestyle approach to design that transcends any single medium or outlet. She seeks to apply her love for neutrals and juxtaposition of elements to all that she touches - from interiors to packaging to product design and branding. Her passion for the South, love of texture and farmhouse, rustic detail is apparent in most all her work.

An 8th-generation Floridan, Schoenith currently residents in Atlanta, GA with her husband, three children and vizsla.

The Sercy Studio


Williams heads her own studio in Atlanta, GA calledThe Sercy Studio. Each piece handmade by Williams and her band of merry crafters.  MacKenzie designed her first strand of blessing beads in 2012 and gave it to a friend as a sercy.  As the demand for these beads grew, so did the collection. In 2013, MacKenzie created The Sercy Studio so she could keep creating and encouraging people to give sercies.